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Essential Oil and Emotions

Wintergreen - The Oil of Surrender

Wintergreen is the oil of surrender. It can assist the strong-willed individual in letting go of the need to know and the need to be right.

It takes great internal strength to surrender to one’s Higher Power. Wintergreen imbues the soul with this strength and teaches it how to let go and be free of the negativity and pain it holds on to.

The need to believe that life is painful and one must shoulder it on their own will make it so. Wintergreen invites individuals to surrender these strong opinions. Yet, Wintergreen reminds individuals that they do not have to do life on their own.

There is a constant invitation to surrender one’s burdens to a Higher Power. All that is required is to release and let go. Wintergreen teaches that one can turn their hardships over to that Power greater than themselves so they do not have to carry the burden of life all alone.

Negative Emotions: Need to control, feeling weak, willful, need to be right, holding on, excessive self-reliance

Positive Properties: Surrender, letting go, teachable, inner- strength, relying on the divine

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