Helichrysum - The Oil For Pain; Essential Oil and Emotions

Essential Oil and Emotions

Helichrysum - The Oil for Pain

Helichrysum removes pain quickly and effortlessly. It aids “the walking wounded”, and those with a history of difficult life circumstances, trauma, addiction, loss or abuse. These individuals need the powerful spiritual support that Helichrysum offers. It gives strength and endurance to the wounded soul who must keep on living, despite past difficulties.

This oil restores confidence in life and in the Self, giving the individual strength to “make it.”

Helichrysum has a powerful relationship with the light of the sun. It imbues joy, fervor, and hope for living.

Helichrysum takes the wounded soul by the hand, guiding them through life’s difficulties. If the wounded individual can persevere, this oil can take them to new heights of spiritual consciousness. Helichrysum offers hope that their wounds can be healed.

Following this spiritual healing and transformation, Helichrysum can teach an individual to have gratitude for their trials. It helps one to see that if they had not been wounded, they would not have sought healing that resulted in a spiritual rebirth. Just as the phoenix dies and is raised from its ashes, so might an individual be raised from their turmoil.

Helichrysum lends its warrior spirit so that one may face their adversities with courage and determination. It brings hope to the most discouraged of souls and life to those in need of rebirth.

Negative Emotions: Intense pain, anguish, turmoil, hopeless, despair, trauma, wounded

Positive Properties: Healed, courageous, hopeful, transformation, perseverance, determination

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