Juniper Berry - The Oil of Night; Essential Oil and Emotions

Essential Oil and Emotions

Juniper Berry - The Oil of Night

Juniper Berry assists those who fear the dark or unknown aspects of themselves. It helps individuals to understand that those things they fear are intended to be their teachers. Instead of hiding from what they do not understand, Juniper Berry encourages individuals to learn the lesson and face their fear.

These fears often live within the unexplored areas of the Self. Juniper Berry acts as a catalyst by helping individuals access and address those fears and issues which have long been avoided.

Dreams contain nighttime communications. Even nightmares can reveal unresolved fears and issues. Juniper Berry offers courage and energetic protection in the nighttime. It encourages an honest assessment of the information being communicated from within.

As individuals reconcile with their fears and other hidden aspects of themselves they experience greater wholeness.

Juniper helps restore the balance between light and dark, conscious and subconscious, day and night. It acts as a guide on the path toward wholeness.

Juniper Berry teaches that there is truly nothing to fear when one acknowledges and accepts all aspects of the Self.

Negative Emotions: Irrational fears, recurrent nightmares, restless sleep
Positive Properties: Protected, dreaming, courageous, self-aware

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