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Essential Oils and Emotions

Birch - The Oil of Support

Birch offers support to the unsupported. When a person is feeling attacked or unsupported by family or friends, Birch offers courage to move forward alone.

Learning to be flexible is important, but so is gaining a strong backbone. Birch offers support to the weak-willed to stand tall and firm in what they believe. Birch helps individuals to feel their roots, specifically their connection to family and ancestors. Birch is a tree that stands tall and firm and assists others in doing the same.

It assists in overcoming negative generational patterns, especially in situations where one is at risk of being rejected if they choose a different way. It lends its spirit of endurance to help individuals face trials of adversity, so they may weather storms with the strength and conviction of a tree.

Birch teaches there is more to life than pain, and that with the right support and the right grounding, one can be held up and sustained by Divine grace.

Negative Emotions: Unsupported, alienated, fear, weak-willed, overly flexible

Positive Properties: Supported, firm, resolute, strong, grounded, connected

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