Bergamot - The Oil of Self Acceptance; Essential Oil and Emotions

Essential Oils and Emotions

Bergamot - The Oil of Self-Acceptance 

Bergamot relieves feelings of despair, self-judgment, and low self-esteem. It supports the individual in need of self-acceptance and self-love.

Bergamot invites individuals to see life with more optimism. Bergamot has a cleansing effect on stagnant feelings and limiting belief systems.

Because of individuals’ core beliefs of being “bad,” “unlovable” and “not good enough,” they seek to hide behind a façade of cheerfulness. They may fear revealing their true thoughts and feelings.

Bergamot’s powerful cleansing properties generate movement in the energy system, which in turn brings hope. In this way, Bergamot is a wonderful anti-depressant. It awakens the soul to hope and offers courage to share the inner-self. Re-igniting optimism and confidence in the Self, it imparts true self-acceptance.

Bergamot teaches individuals to let go of self- judgment by learning to love themselves unconditionally.

Negative Emotions: Despair, low self-esteem, self-judgment, unlovable, hopeless

Positive Properties: Self-acceptance, optimism, confidence, hopeful, lovable, good enough

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