Essential Oils and Emotions

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By now most people
are aware of the incredible power Essential Oils have when it comes to helping your body heal. 

To be clear, Food and Essential Oils are powerful tools to use to help keep your body healthy or to help heal your body - BUT, they do no do the healing any more than "medicine" does. Your body is a healing machine, the right kinds of foods and Essential Oils HELP your body to heal without the dangerous side effects of the pharmaceutical "medicine" so many people turn to.

Finding the right oil to use for a particular illness or issue is pretty easy. You can google anything with "Essential Oil" and get a large number of returns. For instance, "congestion essential oil" or "arthritis Essential Oil" or "IBS Essential Oil" - you get the point.

You can also visit this testimonials website to see how others have used Essential Oils for specific health related issues.  There are more than 10,000 testimonials, you can search by any health issue you're dealing with to see if there are others that have posted on the topic. This website has been collecting testimonials for more than 10 years, it's a powerful tool to help with your Essential Oil research.

I have also created a free "course" where you can access more than 30 hours of video's by Dr's, Researchers and other Professionals in order to help educate yourself on the powerful healing benefits of Essential Oils. You can access the course here.

What is NOT so easy to find is the right Essential Oil to use to assist with our emotions. If you're feeling depresses, confused, tired, overwhelmed, angry, afraid etc. Essential Oils are powerful when it comes to helping us work through things that are holding us back, but few people are aware of this aspect.

The FEELING is the Prayer

Most people have absolutely NO IDEA that our emotions are the most powerful tool we have to help guide us towards the future we desire. Our emotions are literally our body's own GPS system and they're there for a reason. It is via our FEELINGS and EMOTIONS that we communicate with The Universe, Divine, God - whatever word you're the most comfortable with; not with our WORDS. It's the FEELING that is the prayer, not the words. 

Once you learn to harness your emotions and tap into them, learn to use them as your compass, magic happens. You can learn more about this here. I was originally charging for this course but I want to make it available to everybody so I'm now offering it for free. The information contained in this course is the most important information you will ever learn.

This blog post will give little snippets of each oil with links to more detailed information. I will be updating this regularly.  You can access the "index" of the oils here.

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I look forward to getting to know you!