Think You're Not Creative? Think Again...

Creativity is not limited to the Arts

When most people think about creativity, they relate it to artists, writers, singers, song writers, choreographers, videographers. We are all creators. Everything we are today is the result of how we've used our minds (creative powers) up to this point. Who we will be and what we will have tomorrow will be the result of how we use our creative capacity (mind) today.

The answer to how to get that better paying job, how to solve a difficult math problem, how to attract the person of our dreams, how to be more organized, how to tackle a challenging work project - all reside in the same creative center as the painting that resides inside the painter, waiting to come out.

Every one of us is born with remarkable creative abilities. Some studies show that 95% of children tested between the ages of 2 and 4 test out as highly creative. They're imaginative and innovative, they're curious and they have tremendous capacities for abstract reasoning and for creating imaginary images. When those same children were tested again at 7 years old, only 4% of them tested out at highly creative.

What caused the test results to change so drastically in those few short years?

From a very early age, we're discouraged over and over again from being creative or innovative and letting our imaginations run wild. We're told not to touch that, don't taste that, don't play with that, don't talk about that. We're told to simmer down (what's the matter with you anyway???). Don't interrupt, quit while you're ahead, who do you think you are?

From a very early age we learn at a deep subconscious level it's not safe to be different; that it's not smart to do things differently than our parents, teachers or society. For our very survival on an emotional level we learn to conform - that it's important to behave a certain way, believe in certain things - to conform to those around us.

We learn NOT TO express our creativity, our individuality - or we risk being judged or punished. We're told it's foolish or silly; stop daydreaming. We're taught it's important to color inside the lines - to be like everybody else, to FIT IN.

The result for most of us - our creativity - the very ability to shape and create our lives - is buried inside of us.

The good news - creativity isn't affected by the "use it or lose it" law. We still have those creative capacities, they're just dormant within us. More dormant in some than in others. The magic in life - the ability to completely transform any or all areas of our lives - lies in our ability to reconnect with that creative center again.

I call this our Essential Vibrance. It's the essence of who we are. Learning to reconnect with this part of ourselves puts us back on the path we were born to follow.

To Create.


The only limit to what we can create is our ability to imagine it - and our BELIEF as to whether we deserve it.