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Mod Podge - Transferring a Digital Image or Photo Onto A Rock

When I first joined the Whidbey Rock Group on Facebook, I started out painting rocks.  I got into mod podge when a neighbors dog died. I wanted to create something special for them to help them remember their beautiful pup.

I did some research on how to transfer images onto rocks and decided to give it a try. 

I watched video's that showed me how to print on wax paper and then lay the freshly printed waxed paper onto the rock and "rub" the ink off of it onto the rock. I tried this - it's messy and didn't work well for me.  

I decided to try printing on tissue paper instead to see if that would work - it worked perfectly for what I wanted to do.  

Here is a picture of the image I mod-podged onto the rock, I forgot to take a photo of the finished rock.  It felt good to have been able to make them something that was so personal to them and could be used as a memory for their beloved dog. 


I did the same thing for my nieces 21st birthday:


This lead me to what I'm currently doing - using mod podge on rocks to help spread the word on the powerful healing properties of Essential Oils.

Essential Oils and Emotions

Transferring the image/text onto tissue paper is so easy!  

printing on tissue paper

Step 1 - Cut the tissue paper to fit the printer paper - make it slightly shorter than the length of the paper so you have a little bit of room at the top to tape the tissue paper in place.

Step 2 - Tape it in place. It doesn't require much tape. I'd caution you to use this method rather than lining the tissue paper to the top of the printer paper and "wrapping" the tape around the back of the printer paper.  I tried this and it didn't feed into the printer.  

Step 3 - Print it!  In my printer I place it in the tray with the tissue paper "face down" - but all printers are different. I feed the top part with the tape into the printer tray first and have the tissue paper facing down.  I've done this probably hundreds of times by now and not once has it jammed in the printer. 

That's all there is to printing on tissue paper!  It works beautifully and allows you to print anything you have the ability to create.

Now the fun begins - transferring the image onto the rock!

Mod Podging

There are so many different types of mod podge available, I've only tried the brand above and stuck with it because it works great. If you have any tips on any of this, I'd love to hear it in the comments below!

I've tried both the gloss and the matte version, I prefer the matte. I use a glossy finish spray so it's not necessary to use a gloss mod podge as well. I found the gloss had a stronger odor and it took longer to dry.

It seems like mod podging would take much less time than painting the rocks, this has not been my experience. Mod podging take me much longer to do per rock than when I was painting the rocks.  

I am currently using an inkjet printer and the colors tend to bleed - some of them (red) bleed a LOT. More mod podge on the tissue paper is NOT a better thing. The wetter the image gets, the more the colors will smear or bleed.  I just ordered a laser printer, it arrives in two days. Once I've had a chance to mod podge tissue paper printed from the laser jet I'll update this post.

After much trial and error, this is how I'm currently doing the rocks.

I put a thin coat of mod podge on the rock and lay the tissue paper on top of it then tap it into place with my fingers. This is a pretty messy job - but well worth the end results!

I put just enough mod podge so the tissue paper will stay in place but not so much that it can slide all over the rock as I'm tapping it into place. If it's sliding around on the rock, you probably have too much mod podge and the colors are likely to bleed.

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