Getting Started With Painted Rocks

I'm starting this page because I recently joined a painted rock Facebook Group here on Whidbey Island. My Mom got me involved in (addicted to? lol) it.

Creating these rocks is such a beautiful way of tapping into the creativity that we're all born with.  It's also a wonderful, enjoyable point of focus when we're trying to create change in our lives. It can act as a catalyst to help get our mind (thinking) off of what we don't want and onto what we do want - which is the most important step to making any kind of significant change in our life.

As my Mom and I were getting started with the rocks, we had to do a lot of research - and go through plenty of trial and error. This is turning into quite the craze all over Washington State, and spreading literally around the world as people pick up on it.

As we were learning, we took pictures and started blog posts in the hopes we could help others get off to a faster start than we had.

Click on any of the links below to read more about a specific topic:

  • Where to get the rocks to paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Painting
  • Water Color
  • Supplies (rocks, paints, tools, finishes etc)
  • Paint vs Sharpie's vs Gel Pens
  • Paint Brushes vs Paint Pens
I'd love to interact with each of you via the comments section below any of the posts.  If you have any ideas or questions, please post them so we can all learn cool tips and tricks from each other!

If you're new to this, fair warning - it's ADDICTING! 

This whole process has been so much fun for me. I was nervous about getting started because "I can't paint". I started out with some pretty easy rocks (you can see them in the sidebar on the right) and eventually settled into mod-podge. I am getting so much pleasure out of collecting rocks and letting the shape of the rock determine the outcome. It's turned into a way for me to help educate people on the power of Essential Oils for emotional healing.

If you'd like to learn more about the power of our emotions in shaping our lives, please visit the rest of my site and like my Facebook Page

I look forward to getting to know you better!

Let's get rocking!


The History of Whidbey Rocks

The Whidbey Island Facebook Group was started on June 6, 2016 by the Darnell's.  The group has grown to more than 16,000 people in a few short months. The idea was started in Port Angeles, Washington....a ferry ride from here ;) 

You can read more about it here - Rocks That Build Bridges (And Break Down Walls)

Here's how it works:

You paint a rock - on the back of the rock you write:

"take a photo and post to Whidbey Rocks on FB (or whatever town you're located in). Keep or re-hide".  

Writing this on the back is an important part. It leads people to a Painted Rock Facebook Group so they can learn more about it and become involved.

You want to be sure and treat the rock with a sealant so it can be left outside.  

You then take it anywhere in your area and hide the rock for somebody else to find. We're finding that some businesses such as Grocery Stores don't want the rocks hidden inside. Some libraries allow them, some frown on it. This will vary from location to location, it's important to be courteous of the do's and don'ts in your specific area.

The person that finds the rock can keep it (we have a lot of "rock gardens" getting started here on Whidbey), or they can re-hide it for somebody else to find.

It's courteous to take a pic of the rock and post it to the Facebook group whether you're intending on keeping it or not. It's fun for the painter of the rock to see when somebody finds (and appreciates) it.  

If you would like to learn more about creating a digital image and transferring it onto a rock yourself, I've covered the process here.

Tapping into our creativity is so important. Our creative center is where all the answers lie when we're attempting to achieve goals in life.

This is about so much more than painting rocks. It's about sharing, giving, receiving, expressing, encouraging and supporting ourselves and each other.

The number one "rule" to all of this - HAVE FUN!

I look forward to connecting with you all!


Overview of the Community Painted Rocks:

The Rock Painter:

Create your rocks and put on the back:  Post a pic on FB Group Whidbey Rocks; Keep or Re-hide" then hide it for somebody else to find

The Rock "Finder":

Take a picture of the rock and post it to the facebook group.  You can keep the rock or you can hide it again for somebody else to find

As you make rocks, it's a lot of fun for the entire Facebook group if you take pictures of your creations and post them to the group - even if it's a rock (or set of rocks) that you don't intend on hiding.

I painted the "Welcome" rocks in the image at the top of this page for my Mom but I posted the picture to the group.

It gave others the idea of painting individual letters on rocks the way I'd done AND, it allowed me to ask for ideas from others with regards to using stencils. I got some great pointers from people with more experience.

People really enjoy seeing what other's are making. This is completely optional - but it's a lot of fun for you as well as the group! ;)

Now get to rocking!!

Below are the rocks I painted from Day 1 - Day 5 as I was getting started with painted rocks.

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Day 4 - My First Nature Scene on a Painted Rock

Day 5 - Flowers and Fish

Painted Rocks Day 5 - Flowers and Fish

Where I am Today - 
Essential Oils and Emotions

Essential Oils and Emotions

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