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As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.  

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The role of a Coach is to hold your vision for you and help guide you as you're making changes in your life. When making the decision to work with a Coach, it's important to work with one that specializes in the area you're most needing help with. Coaching is all about having someone believe in your and encourage you. About getting valuable feedback and seeing things from new perspectives and setting your sights on new horizons.

I started working in the field of wellness in 1994. In 2002 I lost my fiance to cancer; my life took a detour. I was fortunate to have the time freedom that allowed me to be with him 24/7 during the last months of his life. In the last 3 months, something changed in him. He was a ray of sunshine and love - pure positive joy. It was the happiest time in both our lives.

After he passed, I had a lot of questions. The biggest one - does it take the dying process to tap into the JOY we experienced in those last few months. What was that and how do we learn to LIVE in that space each day.

Since that time, I've studied anything I could get my hands on - looking for answers to my questions.

I worked with a lot of my own Coaches during this process and I became Certified as a Health Coach and a Hypnotherapist. I was interested in learning more about Holistic Health because I lost my Father to health related illness, my fiance - and then my dogs. I wanted to learn more about cancer and our body’s ability to heal itself.

I've also studied EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and have witnessed how effective it is in helping work through both physical and emotional pain - often times instantaneously.

Studying Hypnotherapy was an important part of all of this. The process helped me out tremendously after losing Ken and again years later when I lost my dogs. I wanted to learn what was going on subconsciously that caused us so much pain and what it took to make lasting changes in our lives.

My own life experiences and training have resulted in the creation of an online course. This course is truly the foundation for life.

If you’ve ever contemplated working with a Coach or struggled with making changes in your own life, this is the starting place.

Before attempting changes, it’ important to understand what’s happening inside of us that either assists or hinders us in that process. And how we can get the mind (thinking) and body (emotions) acting in harmony to help propel us towards our goals.

When you learn this information and start applying it in your own life, you will start seeing major changes in all areas of your life. This information is responsible for TOTAL LIFE TRANSFORMATIONS of countless people.

I brought this information online because I want to get it to as many people as possible. When I teach the foundation class live, it’s a 3 hour class. If a person chose to continue, it could get costly. By putting it online and offering various levels of support, it allows it to be available to the masses at a fraction of what it would cost to access this information via live classes.  Update November 2016: this course is now being offered for free for all.  Coaching support is available to member of my Essential Oil Team (for free).

It is my intent to create a community for those that want to be a part of a group. Having support is so critical when we’re trying to make changes. It’s important to have access to a group of like-minded people to help support us along the way.

No matter which version of the course you choose to enroll in, there will be support.

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I look forward to getting to know you!


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